Nanki + Doug’s Wedding at the Toronto Brickworks. Part 1.

March 8, 2017 Alex Jardine

Photography by T.H. Jackson Huang and Alex Jardine
Event Design and Planning: Melissa Haggerty and Gabi Armenia, Spectacular Spectacular
Floral Design: Gisele Sterling, Nous Design Group
Venue: The Fairmont Royal York Hotel
Stationery: Palettera Custom Correspondences

On the morning of August 6th, 2016 before the sun broke the horizon, Nanki woke. There was makeup to apply, hair to style, jewels to wear. An heirloom was passed from mother to daughter. Nanki’s family home bustled with activity — after almost a year of preparation, anticipation, there was a wedding to attend. Nanki’s own.

Downtown, Doug waited, patiently, as Nanki’s cousins coaxed a wild sheet of saffron fabric into a turban on his head. A white stallion chuffed and clopped on Front Street. Doug mounted, drums beat, brass horns blared, friends cheered and danced and spun. Nanki, excited, watched the Baraat from a window on the 9th floor.

Garlands were draped around necks, new brothers hugged. Two fathers, proud, shook hands. Two families, formally introduced, became one.

On a plush white carpet beneath crystal chandeliers, families and friends sat. Prayers were sung, rings exchanged and blessings offered as the joyous business concluded. Nanki and Doug were wed.

Newlyweds bubbled out into the streets of their city, giggling, and posing for photos. They strolled, hand in hand, enjoying the sun. They danced beneath the sign of her Father’s office, and soon, not wanting to be away too long, they returned to the arms of their families. With formalities completed, documents signed and laws appeased . . . it was time to party. Watch for that to come in Part Two.

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