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Instagram post 18196335004001264 This great mirror is one of the most striking features at Graydon Hall Manor. Stephanie put it to good use before seeing Alvin on her wedding day.⁠
Afterwards, we asked if she was at all nervous during this moment and she said, "I wasn't nervous. I was excited!"⁠
Stephanie + Alvin⁠
Photo: #IkonicaArtists⁠
Hair: @stylu_ ⁠
Makeup: @francelinenkingu ⁠
Dress: @elisabethandbeau ⁠
Suit: @ephapparel⁠
Flowers: @floretflorals ⁠
Venue: @graydonhallmanor
Instagram post 17952195763393121 Nora seemed pre-occupied while she was getting ready. But as soon as she saw Moutaz at the reveal, she totally lit up. 
Nora + Moutaz⁠
Photo: #ikonicaTHJacksonHuang ⁠
Planning: @zayahevents ⁠
Instagram post 17861864831348530 When Nadia was working on her PhD at the University of Toronto, did she ever think she would have her bridal photos done there?⁠
Nadia + Sohaib⁠
Photo: #ikonicaTHJacksonHuang ⁠
Planning + Design: @eventsbyonefineday⁠
Bride + Groom's Attire: @hassanhsy⁠
Makeup + Hair: @shirleywuofficial⁠
As seen in @wedluxe⁠
Instagram post 17886234260007155 BC refers to some important historical milestones. For Christians, it's the time before Christ. For parents, it's the time before children. For those us in the events industry, BC is the time before COVID-19 which seems so long ago.⁠
Here's a picture from 2 BC 😉. Who would have known then that the size of this bridal party would exceed the maximum number of guests that can now attend an entire wedding? We're looking forward to the day we can have events like this one again. In the meantime, let's all hang in there, and be safe.⁠
Check out the link in bio for more from this wedding.⁠
Kelsey + Ameya⁠
Photo: #ikonicaArtists ⠀⁠
Planner: @melissabaum⁠
Florals: @nousdesigngroup⠀⁠
Gown: @martinalianabridal⠀⁠
Hair: @brunamatahair⠀⁠
Makeup: @glowbyo.ca⁠
Venue: @royalconservatoryevents
Instagram post 17855633450438430 Little compares to the art and romance of black and white. Link in bio for more from this wedding.⁠
Loren + Nick⁠
Photo: #ikonicaTHJacksonHuang ⁣⠀⁠
Planning: @thisisduet⁠
Hair: @jakemduby⁠
Makeup: @fl.aw.less⁠
Suit: @dirtysox⁠
Video: @shoypictures⁠
Venue: @globeandmailcentre
Instagram post 17918688451541195 In anticipation of Spring, some pastel colours to brighten up your day.⁠
Ariel + Justin⁠
"Vintage Flair" as seen in @WedLuxe⁠
Photo: #ikonicaTHJacksonHuang ⁠
Planning and Decor Design: @anneandersonevents ⁠
Florals: @frankreaeventdesigns⁠
Stationery: @palettera_official⁠
Venue: @omnikingedward⁠
Decor and Event Rentals: @detailzeventrental, @plateoccasions⁠
Linens: @have_a_seat_events
Instagram post 17927558017489787 When the kissing chain gets broken...Indie goes for it but gets denied.⁠
Katherine + Herschel⁠ + Indie⁠
Photo: #ikonicaTHJacksonHuang
Instagram post 18174089824020833 We showed you an incredible BLACK wedding cake last week. Who's ready for another?! Feast your eyes on this stunner from @doreensuecakes.⁠
Vanessa + Danya⁠
Photo: #ikonicaArtists⠀⁠
Planning + Design: @enayarabbaevents⁠⠀⁠
Dress Designers: @zuhairmuradofficial @galialahav ⁠
MUA: @dawnabootmakeup⁠⠀⁠
Hair: @paulina._.stanek⁠⠀⁠
Florals: @fusciadesigns⁠⠀⁠
Rentals: @detailzeventrental @as_specialevents⁠⠀⁠
Cake: @doreensuecakes ⁠⠀⁠
Cutlery and Linens: @chairdecor⁠⠀⁠
Videography: @justklikproductions⁠⠀⁠
Venue: @palaisroyaleballroom