September 24, 2014 Alex Jardine


When one of Toronto’s premier event planners, Gabi of Spectacular Spectacular, announced her own upcoming wedding, we were honoured to be asked to capture her event. She and her fiancé Sam brought Jackson out to her family farm for their engagement session on a glorious sun-filled evening, and the results were pure magic. It was a chance for Gabi and Sam to take an evening’s rest from the adrenaline of city life at the peak of wedding season, and spend some peaceful moments together surrounded by the simple beauty of Ontario farmland.

Our shoot started with the golden sunlight of the evening already pouring through the trees as our couple cruised up the road to the farm in a pristine white MG roadster. The car was a memento of a time when things were made to last. It would be on the road forever, if you put enough love into it. It was the perfect place to start shooting.

From there we moved into the surrounding farmland. Gabi and Sam strolled across the sweeping fields amid the grass and the sky and the silence, hand in hand, wrapped in sunlight. The setting couldn’t have been more intimate. Their love for one another couldn’t have been more clear. As the light faded away, and our engagement session drew to a close, one thing was certain: Gabi and Sam are made to last.







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