May 4, 2010 T.H. Jackson Huang

As if straight from the pages of Vanity Fair, Erin and Fraser arrived at the Four Seasons for their wedding ceremony and reception in a vintage Rolls Royce. She, resplendent in her jeweled gown, and he, debonair and gallant, had just finished their photo shoot with Jackson Huang at the newly completed Royal Conservatory of Music. Lianne Adelson, the Event Boutique, was the planner for this extraordinary occasion and the Regency Ballroom was transformed by Lidia Tacconelli of Fiori with luxuriously hued purples, oranges and golds.

For Jackson, this event was not only memorable for its splendor, it was also a chance to see again members of the wedding party whose wedding he had also photographed—Sarah, Fraser’s sister, and her husband, Stefan. Also in attendance were Lauren and Julian; their wedding was published recently in Elegant Wedding magazine.

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